wound therapy venous ulcersVenous ulcers represent the most severe form of venous disease. These leg ulcers commonly appear above the ankle on the inside of the leg.

They cause a wound to the skin and surrounding tissues that opens the area up to infections. The resulting sore is usually red and/or purple, inflamed, and itchy. Sometimes the skin hardens around the wound. All of these symptoms are caused due to the lack of sufficient circulation. Leg ulcers are usually the result of venous insufficiency that is not treated for years - although a small percentage of these ulcers are from arterial disease.

Serious treatment for venous ulcers

Venous ulcers are a serious problem with many potential complications including severe infection, scarring, and even limb loss. The wounds from these ulcers can be very challenging to treat. The average venous ulcer takes about six months to heal and will usually recur within a year unless the underlying venous insufficiency is treated. Surgical treatment of the insufficient veins will usually speed up healing of the venous ulcer and help prevent recurrence. Dr. Aquino will choose the least invasive treatment required to restore health to the leg and prevent future leg ulcers.

Wound therapy for venous ulcers

Treatment of wounds from leg ulcers and any underlying infections are also required. Sometimes the ulcer becomes so large that it can erode into the muscle or even infect the bone. In this case, a multidisciplinary program coordinated with other specialists is needed.

Dr. Aquino is an active member of the St. Mary's and Seton Wound Care Centers, and works with plastic surgeons and podiatrists as well as the trained wound care specialists in order to heal even the most serious wounds from venous ulcers.

Patients with venous ulcers need special care and attention, and we are there for them every step of the way.

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