Arterial Disease

In addition to treatment of vein disorders, Dr. Aquino treats a full spectrum of arterial diseases. In fact, treatment of advanced arterial blockages and aneurysms makes up the lions share of Dr. Aquino’s practice. She is well known for both her open vascular surgery as well as her advanced endovascular skills.

arterial disease

Arterial disease

Most arterial disease is related to atherosclerosis which is a hardening of the arteries. Atherosclerosis is caused by many of the most common vices in Western Society. Rich food and excess consumption of food coupled with a sedentary lifestyle can lead to damaged vessels and conditions such as high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These are all risk factors for atherosclerosis. Smoking or having a past history of smoking also puts one at a tremendously increased risk of atherosclerosis. In fact, the process of atherosclerosis that causes peripheral arterial disease also causes heart disease and heart attacks which are major killers in the United States.

In our vascular surgery practice, we know that treating arterial disease also means treating patients. Our main job is to evaluate patients from a surgical perspective. However, we also are aggressive about controlling risk factors for vascular disease. Vascular surgeons try to slow down or stop its progress in the body. We work with you to decrease high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. We also help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to quit smoking if you smoke. Since patients with advanced peripheral arterial disease are at risk for heart disease, we make sure to communicate with your cardiologist and primary care doctor. We are use to working together as a team to keep you as healthy as possible.

We think our ultimate job is to treat the whole patient, and to partner with each patient to optimize his or her health for the better.

Some arterial diseases Dr Aquino treats are: