Leg Ulcers (Venous Ulcers)

venus ulcerLeg ulcers or venous ulcer represents the most severe form of vein disease. They have a characteristic location in the middle part of the ankle just above the ankle bone (medial malleolus). The reason leg ulcerations tend to form at this location is that this is usually the location of the highest venous pressure caused by venous insufficiency.

Some risk factors that can lead to vein ulcers are smoking, obesity, previous injuries, and older age. Leg ulcers can be a serious condition as they can cause damaged veins, infection, swelling, and pain.


It is crucial to treat the underlying cause which is typically venous insufficiency. This helps to reduce venous hypertension in the leg. However, not addressing the root cause can lead to recurrence of the ulcers within 6 to 12 month. At the San Francisco Vein center, we take venous ulcers and leg ulcers very seriously. We take the time to find the underlying cause of the ulcer using vascular ultrasonography.


Untreated, venous ulcers can linger indefinitely. It is important to treat them as they can also cause damage to nearby tissue. We formulate an individual treatment plan for our patients using a combination of the following treatments:


Venous ulcers can take a long time to heal. We coordinate care with multiple specialists. However, with proper treatment of the underlying vein insufficiency, recovery can take months. Because of the extensive damage leg ulcerations can cause, they can require significant health care expenses and dedication of time to doctor visits. As one can imagine, leg ulcers have a very significant impact on quality of life. Their presence can lead to significant impact of social life, disability, and even loss of a limb.

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