Alameda varicose vein treatmentThe city of Alameda is home to scenic views, historic buildings, and celebrations that’ll keep you entertained year-round. Those that call the city home have likely visited the Historic Park Street Business District or the USS Hornet moored at the former Naval Air Station. Walking to the attractions can be quite a burden for anyone who finds themselves in this cultural hub, especially if you must bear the pain of varicose veins or spider veins.

Venous insufficiency is the underlying cause of vein conditions and affects millions of people around the world. Those that suffer can experience spider veins – a primarily cosmetic condition that can leave the legs discolored. Varicose veins are the other condition caused by venous insufficiency. This more severe condition can result in severe discomfort when standing. When left unattended, these afflictions can become progressively worse, but there’s an easy solution. Those people undergoing the anguish of varicose or spider veins in Alameda often seek treatment nearby at the San Francisco Vein Center.

Your Vein Treatment Options

Vein ablations, phlebectomies, and injections are a few of the treatment methods employed that treat venous insufficiency. Therapies have markedly improved over the years and require almost no post-operation recovery time. There are many different treatment methods for varicose veins and spider veins. The right one for each patient depends on their specific conditions. Some of the different treatment options are:

Pick Your Vein Specialist

Located in Alameda are several providers that can treat varicose or spider veins. It is vital, however, to pick the most qualified practitioner: a vascular surgeon. These doctors specialize in the entire vascular system and have access to all treatment options, whereas other specialists may be limited in the treatments they can perform. Surgeons also have hospital admitting privileges and have access to operating room. While most procedures are done in the office and last only an hour or less, some may require an operating room. Doctors who can’t bring a patient to an operating room or outpatient facility, may not be able to perform the best treatment. Additionally, having a specialist with admitting privileges to a hospital can be required for post-procedure complications. Otherwise, a doctor will need to turn their patient over to someone else with these privileges.

It is also important to look at reviews. Take your time to check out both the clinic and the doctor to see how other people have responded about their services. Look at online reviews, and verify that who you’re seeing is truly an expert.

Path To Recovery

  • Initial visit:  During your initial consultation, the doctor will check your symptoms. These may include swelling, pain, and discoloration. The doctor will also check your medical history, whether you’ve participated in an activity that could exacerbate the problem, or have a family history of venous insufficiency. If you are suspected of suffering from this condition, an ultrasound will be performed to gather a full diagnosis.
  • Diagnosis:  The doctor will discuss all possible treatment options that fit your unique combination of symptoms. The San Francisco Vein Center has many choices for treatment, including minimally invasive methods such as compression stockings.
  • Follow-up:  Within a week following treatment, another visit must be made to ensure success and full recovery. However, for spider veins, follow-ups may not be necessary, and another appointment should only be made additional treatment are needed.

Spider vein treatment is significantly less invasive than varicose vein ablation and is typically considered a cosmetic procedure. However, if you would like to make a consultation for spider veins, or any venous insufficiency matter, appointments are available online with flexible ranges of dates and times. Sessions only last 30 minutes, and consultation isn’t needed.

Insurance Coverage Options

It is critical to check beforehand if your provider is in-network. If so, most insurance plans will cover any office visits or ultrasounds that may be required. For vein treatment, all insurance companies have different policies. Call San Francisco Vein Center to get information on whether your insurance covers these procedures or visit our website to learn more about insurance coverage for varicose veins. The staff has obtained authorizations for countless procedures and ensures all prerequisites are met so that claims go forward with no hiccups.

Get Help For Varicose Veins outside of Alameda

Don’t let varicose veins get the better of you. Call San Francisco Vein Center at 415-752-1122, or request an appointment online. We are a short drive across the bay. Get back to exploring, sightseeing, and to celebrating. Treat your venous insufficiency today. It just starts with an office visit.