consulting treatment for varicoseAt the San Francisco Vein Center, we recognize that there is no "one size fits all" vein treatment. They need to be specific for each person because vein disease is not the same in all individuals. As a board certified vascular surgeon, Dr Aquino can employ the full array of vein treatments tailored to each individual patient. After full medical history, an examination of the legs, and an ultrasound of the leg veins, we will discuss any abnormalities found and then discuss all your vein treatment options.

It is important to tailor treatment to each patient's preference, their lifestyle, and their desires for improving and maintainning vein health. It is vital that you understand the implications of the different treatments, the potential risks, and the options for your vein therapy. We understand that some vein treatment procedures can be scary, and we want to make sure you are comfortable and fully informed. Your choice of treatments will depend on many aspects including symptoms, cost and insurance coverage, potential risks and complications, and ability or willingness to make lifestyle changes.

Conservative vein treatments

For some patients, conservative treatment is sufficient to address their symptoms. Conservative vein treatments are mainly lifestyle changes that may not cure or prevent vein disease, have proven to slow the progress and improve quality of life in dealing with uncomfortable symptoms. Examples of conservative vein treatment are:

Endovenous interventions

For some patients, conservative therapy is not enough. In this case, Dr. Aquino and her team use non-invasive vein treatments not only because it is more comfortable for the patient, but also because they are usually effective, less costly, and require little recovery time. These non-invasive procedures can be performed in the office. Rarely, outpatient surgery in a hospital is required. Examples of non-invasive treatments are:

One other treatment practiced by some vein doctors is endovenous laser ablation. See Laser Ablation Vs Radiofrequency Ablation to learn why radiofrequency ablation is preferred.

Venous surgery

In some cases, surgery is required. A well-trained vascular surgeon like Dr. Aquino can provide the best care when surgical intervention is required. At the San Francisco Vein Center, the patient's well-being before, during, and after surgery are monitored carefully and supported throughout the process of building and maintaining vein health.

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